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InternationalPlan.com is a leading online marketplace and a service of Optimum Benefits, Inc., a full service agency offering the best global health insurance and trip protection products available for over 15 years.

We understand the needs of the foreign travel and relocation market, and with our experience and expertise, we provide instant access to top rated global health
insurance, expatriate health insurance and trip protection packages available in the market today.

InternationalPlan.com only offers international medical insurance, expatriate medical insurance and trip protection products from carriers that meet our high standards of excellence. You can rest assured, that these companies provide the best in coverage, pricing and customer service.

Affordable worldwide health insurance. Request an instant global health insurance or expatriate medical insurance quote today.

International travel and living are exciting. However, such excitement can quickly
give way to sad reality when a medical emergency or condition arises. If you don't
have adequate worldwide health insurance coverage and support services, the
situation can be at very best, stressful and frustrating. It may be as simple as
finding a qualified, English-speaking doctor or as difficult as requiring an
emergency evacuation from an accident site. Chances are, your regular insurance
will be inadequate. That's why worldwide health insurance coverage and trip protection policies are so important.

InternationalPlan.com provides worldwide health insurance and more.


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