Need help getting your quote?
  • Make sure you enter your departure and return dates in the correct
    format ... mm/dd/yyyy -- with the year in 4 digits (i.e.. 2005).

    You can use the calendar pop-up to help you select these dates.
  • Enter your current age - this entry is required.

    If you don't need coverage for dependents or other travelers, then leave the other boxes blank.

    Otherwise, enter one dependent or other traveler age per box. For children under the age of 1, enter 0.

    All products, except for Travel Insurance (trip cancellation), require that other covered persons on the same policy be family members (spouse and/or dependent children). For Travel Insurance (trip cancellation), you may enter the ages of other persons traveling with you into the spouse and children boxes, and they need not be related to you.
Click on the info ("i") icon next to the product selection box to get help in selecting the right product for your travel needs.