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Travel health insurance

Multi-Trip Travel Health Insurance

Multi-trip Travel Insurance for International Travel

Designed to provide worldwide coverage for US and non-US citizens who travel frequently abroad, multi-trip travel health insurance is a hassle-free, annual multi-trip medical insurance plan. If you travel abroad for business and/or pleasure several times throughout the year, you can have comprehensive travel medical coverage for one low annual fee.

These economical policies provide travel medical coverage for multiple trips of up to 70 days or less throughout the year. With multi-trip travel insurance you don't have to think about travel medical insurance each time you book a trip.

Multi-Trip Travel Health Insurance typically covers:
Inpatient & Outpatient Medical
Prescription Drugs
Emergency Dental
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Trip Reunion / Interruption
Lost Checked Luggage
Accidental Death
My Age
Spouse Age
Dependent Children Ages (under 19)



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